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Naadam is a Mongolian traditional festival. The festival is also locally termed “Eriin Gurvan Naadam” “the Three Games of Men”. The games are include Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery, and it is held throughout the country during midsummer.

Day 1 (July 06)
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia

Welcome to Mongolia!

Driver will be waiting for you at arrival hall for your arrival and transport you to the hotel. 

Rest of the day is free for you to be on your own. You may need some time to relax and recover from the long-distance flight or possibly from jet lag.

Accommodation: Hotel 4*, guesthouse stay, or private accommodation

Meals: No meals on this day.

Day 2 (July 07)
Introducing of wrestling and trained equestrians in depth

Our driver will pick you up from your place and take you to training place of wrestlers, which located 40km from Ulaanbaatar. At the place, you can learn how wrestlers really train and prepare for the competition that give ranks once a year. Also you can take picture with them and wrestle with them for just fun and photo.

After lunch with them, we will take you to the horse breeder and trainer’s camp. There you can see their special training technique and training for the racing horses. Most importantly you will have a chance to meet youngest jockeys in the world. You can have picture with them as well as meeting and learn of their unique experience.

( L+D)

Day 03 (July 08)
City tour

After having breakfast, we will go back to Ulaanbaatar. In Ulaanbaatar we will visit Gandantegchilen Monastery (main monastery in Mongolia) after that we will visit Central Museums of Mongolian Dinosaur and watch short film as well as many archeological findings of dinosaurs found in Mongolian Gobi desert. Then we will go to Sukhbaatar Square where Parliament house locate. If we are lucky we could witness honorable guards change duty between 11:40am-11: 50am. After visiting Sukhbaatar Square we will take stroll to Art Gallery where we will see arts of Mongolian artists. After then we will have our lunch in Mongolian restaurant where you can enjoy Mongolian cuisine as well as Asian and western foods. Then we will take a walk again to Costume museums to see Mongolian traditional clothing museum where you can try traditional costumes and take photo in traditional clothing. After then we will head to Zaisan Hill, which built by both Mongolian and Russian architects for in memory of deceased soldiers fought for “Khalkh Gol” war. From top of the Zaisan Hill whole Ulaanbaatar is seen like in your palm. Hiking top of the hill takes over 700 stairs, which people see as quite activity to take.

You will eat dinner at the Zaisan Hill looking at beautiful scenery of Ulaanbaatar. Sleep over in hotel. (B+L+D)

Day 4 (July 09)
Chinggis Khaan equestrian statue, and 13th century theme park

After breakfast, we will head to Chinggis Khan equestrian statue in Tuv province. At the statue you can enjoy small museum dating back 13th century and short film about how Chinggis Khan equestrian statue were built and invested. Then go up to top of the statue to look around the statue, at the same time you can take a photo on top of the statue.

After that we will go to “13th Century” theme park. The park consists of six sections, Watchtower (relay-station camp, Herders, Shamans, King’s Assembly, Educational, and Craftsman camps. A

To give more information, 13th century" complex is located 96 km far from the Ulaanbaatar in Erdene sum, Tuv province.


The “13th Century” complex has the environment of tourism attractions, ger camps, farms, statues and traditional entertainment areas, all in real lifestyle of 13th century era. At the theme park there is no electronic appliances, to separate you from city life. Only mobile phone is allowed to capture the memorable moment.

By visiting the camp tourists will enjoy the craftsmen art work, Mongolian calligraphy, learn to write Mongolian traditional scripts, dine in the kings and queens palace, practice archery, horse training and catching horses with lasso pole, riding horses and camels or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside landscapes and the clear blue sky. There are 6 camps that illustrates 13th lifestyle and we will tour all stations one by one. At the King’s station we will Mongolian style lunch and also there is small concert that Mongolian national songs sand by singers to you. After touring we will head back to Ulaanbaatar and overnight at hotel.


Day 5 (July 10)
Anklebone shooting and traditional costume parade

In the morning after breakfast we will visit Central Stadium where anklebone shooting and archery competitions hold every year. There are few types of archery such as Buriyat, Khalha, and few more but there is a small difference between them. After that we will go around Central Stadium to explore surrounding of Central Stadium and try some Khuushuur and airak (fermented mare milk)

After that we will head to Sukhbaatar Square where “Deeltei Mongol” costume parade will hold. This parade will continue about 2-3 hours and there is a competition between Mongolians as well as between foreigners that who is best dressed. The winner will be given certificate and small prize. After the parade we will enjoy our dinner at Mongolian restaurant. Overnight at hotel or guesthouse. (B+l+D)

Day 6 (July 11)
Full Naadam festival activities; Opening ceremony, wrestling and archery etc

In the morning at 8:30am, your tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and joining in Naadam tour group. At first we will watch “Ceremony of dispatching nine white banner” nine white banners carried by horsemen from parliament house to Central Stadium therefore this act is so unique and worth seeing. Because whole road is closed for this occasion, so we could follow the horsemen that carrying “Nine White Banner” After then we will be attending the opening ceremony of Naadam festival in Central Stadium. It's Mongolia's biggest, most colorful and most important annual cultural event, focusing on three sports: horse racing, Mongolian-style wrestling, and archery. Nowadays ankle-bone shooting is added to the manly sports. It's no coincidence that all three skills derive from the capabilities of Genghis Khan's legendary military - a force that conquered and controlled the largest empire the world has ever known.

After lunch, return to the Central Stadium and visit naadam archery field beside central stadium. The archery field will be filled with men and women archers in colorful ethnic national costumes who shooting arrows from their bows. This kind of contest was in existence in the 13th century and was in use until recently.

Also, we will visit stadium of ankle-bone shooting competition. Even though naadam’s original nickname is “three manly games” meaning wrestling, horse racing and archery, a fourth game came into the naadam’s official agenda in 1998, Mongolian anklebone shooting (shagain harvaa), and another UNESCO registered world heritage. Anklebone shooting is done by middle finger and it is a team game, a sort of miniature version of bowling.

We will reenter into the naadam stadium watch for Mongolian national wrestling, you’ll see many wrestlers wrestling onto the green field. In the usual 512-wrestler tournament, there will be nine elimination rounds of wrestling over two days. There is no weight category in Mongolian wrestling.

We will wander around outside of Naadam stadium to watch locals who dressed their national costumes, and try foods also shop at trade corners etc.

End of the day, transfer to the horseman’s camp in Khui Doloo Khudag and sleep over in horseman’s ger.


Day 7 (July 12)
Horse racing competition

Early in the morning you will have your breakfast at horseman. You would have typical meals like most Mongolians eat in the morning; tea with milk, fried pancake, lamb meat, airak (fermented mere milk) etc., in short today you will live like a true Mongolian. Most part of the tour will be educational, you will see how Mongolian horses are trained and prepared for the big equestrian competition that happens only once for a year. You will see and experience every step of the start point to the finish point of the whole competition.

After the competition, we will go around the valley to see horsemen and holiday goers to observe and take photos.

We will have barbeque and drink then overnight in ger.


Day 8 (July15)
Khustai National Park, wild horse and deer watching

After breakfast at ger, the guide we will head to the Khustai National park.

Khustai National Park is situated in Argalant soum, Tuv Province and 80km from Ulaanbaatar city. On the way to the park, there is small sand dunes called Moltsog Els, we will go up to the sand dunes and enjoy scenery as well as hiking and stretching our bodies after long drive. Then will directly drive to the Khustai National park. At the park there is small museum and we will watch short documentary that depicted how wild horse came back to native country and reintroduced and breed again into the homeland. After watching the documentary, finally we will head back to the nature and spot wild horses as well as wild red deer and other animals and birds.

Also we will do hiking and enjoy little coffee and snack moment there. Photographers recommended to bring their tools and others bring binoculars to enjoy scenery. After that we will visit agriculture ger camp where we can sit back and take some rest while waiting for dinner. After dinner, will be back to Ulaanbaatar end sleep at the hotel.


Day 9 (July 16)

We will take you to the factory shop of two leading Mongolian brand where you can buy variety of cashmere goods, from cardigan to coat and blanket. Factory shops known for many choices of goods compare to small individual shop. We hope you can buy best present to your loved ones from cashmere shops. After visiting cashmere shop, we will take you to felt goods shop, which Mongolians use felt for multipurpose functions, such as making felt coatings that protects Mongolian yurt from harsh cold weather. Nowadays felt production developed in such a fast way and designers using felt for making cross-bags and indoors slippers. After shopping travellers can go as freeman, but we gather for dinner to say goodbye to each other. Next day we will take you to airport and depart you from Mongolia.

(Only breakfast)

Day 10 (July 17)
Departure day

Includes: tour guide, meal, all transport, bottled water, biscuits.

Excludes: souvenir, personal expenses

Cancel Policy: moderate

2 weeks prior cancellation would be accepted. If there is a cancellation, the customer has to pay bank transfer service fee.