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Living as Nomad
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Adventure Tours
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9 days
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Staying with nomads are truly amazing experience and nice opportunity to compare modern life with nomad life. Nomad life is living off the land and livestock. Nomads use everything from the livestock to make food, housing (felt) and even clothing. This experience is so unique that you can learn so much from nomad as well as understand materialistic life. When you live with nomad family do as nomads do, eat their food, go herding and milk the cow.

Mongolian nomads have maintained this lifestyle for centuries, still moving their properties to new places have good pastures that well for the livestock. Experience nomad lifestyle and learn how nomads take of their animals in harsh climate and how they make dairy products. You will be amazed by nomad lifestyle.

Day 1

We will pick you up from the airport and depending your arrival time we will arrange our next itinerary. If your flight arrives early in the morning, we can resume City tour, but if your flight arrives late you can rest at your hotel

Day 2
Kharkhorin, Erdenezuu Monastery

In the morning we will start to Kharkhorin and Kharkhorin is 360km from Ulaanbaatar. On the way to Kharkhorin we will stop at Elsen Tasarhai to have lunch. At Elsen Tasarkhai we have a chance to try our hands at camel riding on the way. Then we will go to Khogno Tarna National Park. At the park there is Buddhist monastery called Khogno Tarna and we will tour the monastery. Once we finished touring we will head to the nomadic family. Overnight at the nomad family.

Day 3
Living as nomad, herding sheep and milking goat

You will wake up with the nomad family in the morning to experience their daily life. Nomads work around a clock; their work almost never finish. Regular nomads wake up at 6 o’clock to make curds and traditional alcoholic drink. After that they go out to milk their cows then they should process the milk into other dairy products before milk go curdled. In the afternoon, after you had lunch you will herd the sheep back to the ger and milk the sheep. After milking the sheep, you can process the milk into yogurt or cheese. Today we have horseback riding activity. Overnight at ger while looking at millions of stars through upper frame of the ger.

Day 4
Living as nomad, assembling ger and fetch water from the spring, barbecue with bonfire

Today again wake up with the family and eat breakfast with them. Further, we will learn to assemble felt ger and help nomads to move wooden furniture around the ger. After some rest we will have lunch at the new built ger. Then we go hiking to the mountain to catch panoramic view of the whole valley as well as take beautiful photos of the surrounding. On the way down from mountain, we will get water from near river which is everyday job for nomad people.

This night we will have barbecue party with bonfire and say farewell to the nomad family. Overnight at ger.

Day 5
Terkhi-Khorgo National Park

In the morning we will have breakfast with nomad family one last time. Then we will head to Terkhi- Khorgo National Park to explore dead volcano Khorgo, and Terkiin White Lake. Once we reach Terkhi-Khorgo NP we will check into ger camp, and have lunch at the restaurant. At Terkhi White Lake you can go kayaking, swimming or fishing and plus horseback riding. Yet at Khorgo dead volcano you can go inside the crater, Overnight in the ger camp.

Day 6
Taikhar Rock, Arkhangai province, Bileg Khan’s memorial, Ovorkhangai province

In the morning, after breakfast we will head to Taikhar Rock in Arkhangai province and at the ger camp near the Taikhar Rock we will have lunch. After some rest, exploration and photos we will resume our trip to Bileg Khan’s memorial where Turkish king used to reside.

After some walking and hiking you can take rest at the ger camp. Overnight at ger.

Day 7
Overnight at Khustai National Park (on the way back to UB), Takhi (Przewalski horse)

We will have peaceful quite breakfast outdoor, then start the journey to the next destination. Our next destination is Khustai National Park, where wild horse Takhi and other many wild habitants live. This day we could go hiking up to the hill to spot TaKhi and roe deer. Khustai NP is rich for its fauna and flora. We will stay overnight at ger next to the crop field.

Day 8
City tour and shopping, farewell dinner

Early in the morning we will have breakfast outdoor next to a crop field, then start to Ulaanbaatar. Once we reach Ulaanbaatar, we will settle at hotel, and give you time to refresh and have some coffee break. After that we will start our shopping tour! Shopping includes: Cashmere factory stores, “Made in Mongolia” products, organics cosmetic shops, fur, leather and felt selling shops, Narantuul black market where majority of nomads shops.

City tour involves Sukhbaatar Square, Mongolian traditional costumes (try can try “deel”), Gandantegchilen Monastery, Dinosaur museum, Zanabazar art museum, and Zaisan Hiil where you can see panoramic view of whole Ulaanbaatar. Tonight we will have farewell dinner at Mongolian restaurant to say goodbyes and talk about highs and lows of the tour. We have small appreciation gift for you.

Day 9

We will pick you up from your hotel and send you off to the airport.

Cancelation policy: moderate: could cancel 2 weeks before without any deduction, but should pay bank transfer charge by yourself