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Terelj national park
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One Day Tours
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1 day
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terelj national park is considered one of the most attractive worth visiting places.

In the morning, we pick you up from your hotel and start driving to the Terelj national park. On our way to the Terelj, we could stop to look at trained eagle and take some pictures holding them as well as ride camel for fun, then we continue our ride to the Terelj. Getting out of the city we pass undulating hills, plains flecked with gers and small country homes, and wild horses galloping in the distance with unrestrained freedom. In Terelj, there are plenty to appreciate, such as Aryabal Buddhist Meditation center also known as Gunjiin sum (Princess Temple), Turtle Rock, named for its resemblance to the turtle and Dinosaur sculpture made of concrete. After we reach Terelj we will do some walking up to the temple and enjoy beautiful scenery from the top. Inside the temple you could knowledge Buddhism style decorations, colorful flags and Buddha god statues sitting in the upper chair.

Today we will do lots of walking as there is many to explore around at Terelj. Summer time is the best time to travel to Terelj as you can enjoy visiting nomad family and enjoy Mongolian traditional dairy products. Especially discover how nomads ferment mare’s milk and make into Airag which is the Mongolian traditional beverage that you only can try it fresh in summer. Also there are wide range of dairy products such as cheese and dehydrated yak curds which are rich in nutrients. You can try your hands in making of those products.

Lunch will hold in Mongolian nomad family and you will have Mongolian food khuushuur (fried meat dumpling) and mutton soup with boortsog (fried dough) and milk tea. After mighty lunch we will go horseback riding. We will ride through beautiful valley of Terelj national park that cover 1.2 million acres of land. After 2 hours of riding we will go back to the nomad family to have dinner with the family. Let’s hope our dinner will be delicious as our lunch!

Riding skill: anyone at ease with horses could enjoy riding here, but your horse riding activity may be limited, but if you are competent rider, please let us know beforehand, so that we can pre-arrange right horse for you. But you have to be insured for this activity. Also you should bring your own helmet as it is difficult to find right size for you in Mongolia.


Tour guide, lunch and dinner, all local transport, horseback ride, bottled water


Breakfast, camel riding experience, eagle holding fee