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Bogd khan mountain hiking
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One Day Tours
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1 day
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Tsetsee Gun is the highest point of Bogd Khan Mountain which is 2257m high and approximately 10km from the bottom to the top of the mountain. Bogd Khan Mountain is strictly protected area since 1783 for its beauty which makes the mountain oldest legally protected natural area in the world. Therefore, we will have plenty of time to enjoy nature and photographing. Also from the top you can see panoramic view of whole city.

The trip will start in the morning 09:00am by picking you from your hotel. First we will reach place named Tor Kurakh by bus which is valley of Bogd Khan Mountain. After then we will start our hiking to the Tsetsee Gun. On the way to our trip to the top we will take short rests and will encounter river that take start from the Bogd Khan Mountain as well as enjoying majestic view we will witness during way to the top. Once we reach Tsetsee Gun we will have our lunch that prepared for you. After some rest we will continue our hiking to the next point which is Manzushir. To reach Manzushir we have hike 7km from the Tsetsee Gun. Once we reach Manzushir we will tour Manzushir Monastery. Manzushir monastery established in 1733 and but then destroyed by Mongolian communists in 1937 after revolution of Mongolia. The monastery was one of the largest and important monastic centers with 20 temples and more than 300 monks. Its ruins are left and became tourist attraction. We will get some rest at the monastery as well as visiting museum and exploring the area. Afterwards we will have our dinner at the Manzushir tourist camp. After dinner we will escorted by horsemen to the Zuun Mod soum on horseback. Once we come to Zuun Mod the mini bus will be waiting us to take to Ulaanbaatar. By 9pm we will come to the town.

Includes: local guide, transport, lunch, dinner, pick up, bottled water and snack