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Aglag buteel monastery
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One Day Tours
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1 day
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The monastery is 100km away and to the north-west of Ulaanbaatar. The monastery is located on the top of the woody and rocky mountain. Paved road brings you to the mountain skirt, and hiking trail leads you to the monastery. On the way to the top there are many symbols that made of rocks which illustrates monastery’s protective deities. Once you reach the temple you will notice blue, white, and orange colored stupas, which represents the three most sacred deities worshipped in Mongolia. Blue color represents the Ochirvaani deity whose role is to protect the Mongolian land and people, white color represents the Janraisag deity who protects people from all sufferings and danger, and orange represents Manzushir deity who honors the mindThis rocky formation creates very unusual animal shapes that appear in Buddhist legends.

We will start early in the morning, around 8:30am. The bus will pick you up from your hotel. Our destination is about 2 hours away from the cityThere is a small museum that shows many unusual animals’ skeleton and skins that existed and it includes skull of unicorn, 4 horned ram, 6 horned antelope, 1 horned mountain goat, 6 horned pig, 5 headed fish with their description of where they found. Also there are unique art of nature such as unique shaped rocks, tree roots, and other exceptional creations the founder of monastery saw while he meditated. The founder of the monastery lama Purevbat is a man of talent. He practice meditation, draw portrait of the Buddhist gods, teaches and write books

Also this monastery is wonderful place to hike while enjoying beautiful scenery and photograph worthy neighboring. This is a good trip to feel peace and learn Buddhism that practices majority of the Mongolians.

Includes: local guide, transport, lunch, pick up, bottled water and snack