Tour Name
4WD Off Road jeep tour through Mongolian wilderness
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Adventure Tours
Tour Duration
17 days
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Our experienced guide will take you to Mongolia’s best terrain and will provide all camping facilities and fully equipped 4WD vehicle. This trip provides fun filled and adventurous tour camping outside under many environments and challenges. Many opportunities to take photos.

Day 1

We will pick you up from the airport and accommodate you in your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, you can request city tour (L+D)

Day 2
Elsen Tasarkhai, sand dune and Kharkhorin

After having breakfast at your hotel, we will start to Elsen Tasarkhai, sand dune. On the way to the Kharkhorin we will stop at Elsen Tasarkhai to enjoy camelback riding, lunch and photo opportunity. Once we reach Kharkhorin we will see museum and Erdene Zuu monastery. Around Erdenzuu Monastery you can shop souvenirs and antiques and other traditional clothing. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 3
Orkhon waterfall, Tuvkhun Monastery, Tsenkher hot spring

Toaday we will go to Orkhon waterfall after breakfast at the camp. At the waterfall you can go hiking and swimming in the river. After outdoor lunch we will head to Tuvkhun Monastery. This monastery has rich history and beautiful nature as well as offer outmost inner peace. Further, we will go Tsenkher hot spring to enjoy earth’s natural mineral flowing from mountainous terrain down to the valley. Overnight at the ger camp.

Day 4
Nomad family stay

After having lovely breakfast at the camp at the hot spring, we will head to nomad family we are going to stay with. Once we reach nomad family we will settle into ger, and after some rest you can go exploring around your surrounding. In the evening we will do barbecue while enjoying bonfire. Overnight at nomad family.

Day 5
Terkhi-Khorgo National Park

After having breakfast with nomaf family we will start to Terkhi-Khorgo National Park. Road to the park varies from paved to hard bumpy rocky countryside road. First we will go to Khorgo extinct volcano to explore, further we go down into crater and go up to the edge of the crater to see panoramic view of the neighboring landscape. Then we go to Terkhi white Lake and once we reach it we will settle into ger and have lunch. After lunch you can go swimming, walking, boating and fishing. Overnight at the ger camp.

Day 6
Camping at riverbank of Telmen river

After nice rest at Terkhi white lake we will start to our next destination Telmen river. Along side of river we will build our camp. There will be no village near to our camping site, so you can enjoy all the serenity and tranquility. All meals are prepared for you.

Day 7
Ulaagchiin Khar Lake, Bor Hyariin Els (sand dune), Senjit Tsohio

After morning stroll and cup of coffee, we will start to Ulaagchiin Khar Lake. Lake has sand dunes surrounding it and has breathtaking view. Today’s highlights are: sand slide down to the shore of the lake and kayaking on the like. After some rest and lunch we will head to our next destination which is Bor Hyariin Els. After that we again take bumpy road to reach Senjit Tsohio. This place has unique formation of rocks which create best picture background. Then we will camp neat Senjit Tsohio and cook dinner then overnight in the tent.

Day 8
Otgontenger Mountain

After watching sunrise, we quickly prepare for our next destination and which is Otgontenger Mountain. On the way to the Otgontenger we stop at Mongol Els sand dunes for short break and lunch. Once we reach Otgontenger Mt, we will build up our tents and hike up to one of summit. When you come down dinner will be served and rest in the tent.

Day 9
Burkhanbuudai Mt, Tavan Els

Today we have long road ahead of us, probably most long distance we have to drive. Therefore, we wake up early in morning and start to Burkhanbuudal Mt and Burkhanbuudai Mt is sacred place for Mongolians and scenic place and home for wild animals. We will trek to the mountain and appreciate surrounding nature and take rest while food is prepared. Then we will build our tents and sleep in the tent.

Day 10
Buun Tsagaan Lake

We will start to Buun Tsagaan Lake in the morning. Today we will rest beside the lake while camping. Overnight in the tent.

Day 11
Nogoon Tsav valley

Today we will walk through land of dinosaur and ancient turtle. This place has unique formation of rocks and looks like lunar landscape. Then we will head to strange cave called “ear”. This cave once was occupied by stone age people due to its convenience of access to spring. Archeological findings found spear and other hunting tools.

Day 12
Tuin river

In the morning we will start to Tuin River. Afternoon we will have lunch outdoor and cook for ourselves. We will visit near nomad family and if we are lucky, we will have chance to ride Bactrian camel. Overnight in the tent.

Day 13
Tamchiin Cliff, Shargaljuut hot spring

Today we will go to Tamchiin cliff where river flows between the cliffs and many medicinal plants grow along the river. On the way to Tamchiin Cliff we will stop Bayankhongor to eat lunch. After some relaxation and exploring we will head to Shargaljuut hot spring and then get familiarize this hot spring. If you want you can try their treatment such as mud, massage and acupuncture. After some relaxation we will head to Tamchiin Cliff where river flows between cliffs and many medicinal plants grow along the river. Overnight in the tent.

Day 14
Khuisiin Eight Lake

In the morning we will wake up early and put away our tent and start to Khusiin eight Lake. At the lake you can go kayaking and swimming. Today we will relax along the bank of lake and feasts looking at lake. Overnight in the tent

Day 15
Elsen Tasarkhai, sand dune

Elsen Tasarkhai sand dune is located in Ovorkhangai province and is main tourist attraction. There are many locals allow their camels to be ride for tourists. Camelback ride is so peaceful and relaxing, also so fun. There is Mongolian proverb that said, “sun is nearer from the camel’s hump” which is metaphor for camel’s height. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 16

After breakfast we will start to Ulaanbaatar. Most of the trip we will use paved road therefore we won’t stop at any other attraction except for lunch. Once we reach Ulaanbaatar we will take you to your hotel and overnight at the hotel.

Day 17
City tour

Today we will spend most of the time going to museums, and other city attractions, such as Zanabazar art museum, dinosaur museum, Mongol costumes museum, and Bogd Khan winter palace museum. Also Zaisan Hill monument and Gandantegchilen monastery are the included in city tour. tonight we have farewell dinner at Mongolian traditional restaurant and we will talk about tour’s highlights and downs. Overnight at hotel.

Day 18

We will send you off to the airport by chauffeured car.

Cancelation policy: moderate: could cancel 2 weeks before without any deduction, but should pay bank transfer charge by yourself