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Wild West
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Adventure Tours
Tour Duration
14 days
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Join with us on this WILD WEST tour that will take you to west of Mongolia. On this tour we discover great ancient history, nomadic culture, varies of wildlife, semi-Gobi Desert terrain, sand dunes, hot springs, extinct volcano, beautiful fresh water lakes, many ancient monasteries as well as unique features nowhere to be seen.

Our Wild West tour will start from Ulaanbaatar and take to West of Mongolia that goes through ancient capital Kharkhorum and Erdenezuu Monastery, Bileg khan’s memorial, Khar Bulgas where Uigher Empire resided at ancient time, and Khorgo Terkh National Park where rests Terkh lake which created by Khorgo volcano and Orkhon river valley which has an endless steppe and animals grazing on green pastures. Further, we will go “glamping” at Tsenher Hot springs. Here, you can enjoy hot spring bath (which has many health benefit properties) while sipping a cold champagne.

Being nomad is not an easy job! So be ready to become one, because you will have plenty to do as you will go herding and make homemade cheese. We hope you will enjoy horseback riding while you go herding! Endless opportunity to spend memorable time with nomad people.

Next part of the tour will take you to Ulaagchiin Khar Lake which has unique formation and its site is breathtaking. At Erdene- Khairkhan, Zavkhan province there are many rock formations that has distinctive shapes and geological history of this landscape and it’s unique that it can be beautiful background scenery for photos.


  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Camelback riding
  • Spa
  • Goat milking
  • Herding
  • Swimming
  • Making Mongolian cheese
  • Sand sledding
  • Meeting nomad families and live as nomads
  • Camping
  • Fishing
Day 1

We will pick you up from airport and transfer you to the hotel. Depending on time of your travel, you can change your itinerary. If you land early you can take city tour or can take rest at your hotel from jet lag.

Day 2
Kharhorin-Ancient city, Erdenezuu Monastery and Elsentasarhai sand dunes

Today we will start to Kharhorin city and this place was capital of Mongol empire and showed opulence and where many religion practice was allowed and merchants from all over the world trade goods peacefully. One the way to Kharhorin we will stop at Elsen Tasarhai sand dunes to enjoy some photos and as well as camel back riding.  Once we reach Kharhorin we will visit Erdenezuu Monastery which is oldest monastery in Asia. Also you can trade some antiques at the near shops. After that we will go to Bileg Khan’s memorial and Khar Bulgas where ancient Uigher clan resided. Overnight at ger camp. All meals are included

Day 3
“Glamping” at Tsenher hot spring

Early in the morning, after breakfast we will start to Tsenher hot spring. This place is so beautiful and relaxing for long deserved recreation. Also has many health beneficiaries as flowing down from an elevation of 1860 meters from the mountain. Today we will stay at tourist camp to relax. All meals are included.

Day 4,5
Undur-Ulaan soum, nomad lifestyle

After some relaxation and mouthful breakfast at the camp we will travel to the west to meet nomad family. Once we reach nomad family, we will settle into gers (yurt) and take some rest. In the afternoon you can milk goats and sheep, then try your hands into making cheese and yogurt.  Then, you will have lunch in Mongolian way. In the late afternoon go should walk and garner the cows then watch as ladies milk the cows. Furthermore, you can experience how Mongolians make dairy products, such as cheese and cream with the milk. At night you will have a chance to sleep under millions of stars. Furthermore, look at “milky way” from the roof of the ger. Next day we have activities such as assembling ger and going to fountain to collect cooking water. At night we will have bonfire and cooking activity to teach to how to cook Mongolian traditional meal called “khorhog”. After some “chilling” we spend night at ger again.

Day 6
Khorgo-Terkhi National Park

Today we will travel to Khorgo-Terkhi National park, after breakfast and saying goodbyes to the nomad families. Khorgo- Terkhi NP is 80km away from the nomad family. On the way to the NP we will travel on the edge of Chuluut river coast that created by volcanic eruption. At Terkhi White lake you can go boating and fishing. Also we can go hiking up to the Khorgo extinct volcano and go down inside the crater. Overnight at ger camp. Breakfast is at nomad family, lunch and dinner are at camp.

Day 7
Ider, Zavkhan

In the morning we will start to Ider soum, Zavkhan Province. Distance between Tariat to Ider is 350km, and we will stop at Tosontsengel to refill fuel and shop for groceries. Then we will go to Ider soum. Once we reach Ider soum, we will set our tents alongside of river Ider. Today’s highlight is go fishing in river Ider. Overnight at the tent. Breakfast is at camp, lunch and dinner are cooked by guide.

Day 8, 9
Ulaagchiin Khar Lake, Bor Hyariin sand dune

Today we will go off road to reach Ulaagchiin Khar Lake. Terrain of the land is semi-Gobi and view of nature is breathtaking. We again set up our tents along lakeside. Highlights of the day are: kayaking on the lake, sleighing on the sand dune. Today we will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and serve outdoor while enjoy nature.

Day 10
Erdenekhairkhan soum, Senjit Tsohio, Ikh Khairkhan Mt, Mukhart river

Today we will do off road again. After breakfast we will head straight to Erdenekhairkhan soum to explore Senjit tsohio and Ikh Khairkhan Mt where unusual rock formations formed and old sea ocean floor lookalike formations are visible. Those places are nice spot for cool photos. In addition, there are many caves to explore for this day. Evening we will go to Uliastai, Zavkhan.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged for you. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 11
Going back to Ulaanbaatar

Today we will travel back to Ulaanbaatar from Uliastai city. The flight is in early morning, so we will have light breakfast in the morning at camp. We will board domestic flight to Ulaanbaatar. The flight takes about 2 hours. Once we reach UB, you will have free time to explore the city and go to places that not included in the tour package. Breakfast is included in the package, but lunch and dinner are on you. Overnight at the hotel

Day 12
City tour

We will pick you up from your hotel at your requested time. Today we planned best attractions around Ulaanbaatar for you. Today we will visit Gandantegchilen Monastery, Dinosaur museum, Zanabazar Art museum, Choijin temple, Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan museum and Zaisan Hill.

Day 13
Shopping, farewell dinner

Today we will go shopping for cashmere goods and Made in Mongolia products. Today we will have farewell dinner and talk about highlights and lows of the tour.

Day 14

Today is the last day of the tour. We will take you to the airport and send you off to your home. Breakfast is included in the tour package.


guide, meals that included in the package, local transportation, local flight fares, entrance fees to the National Parks and Strictly Protected Area, hotel fees that included in the package, ger camp fees, bottled water, light snacks


international airfare, health insurance, visa fee (expedited documents fees), alcoholic beverages,

Cancelation policy:

moderate: could cancel 2 weeks before without any deduction, but should pay bank transfer charge by yourself